19 Sep 2022

A collection of works by Tasmanian artist ‘Jelly’

SafeChoices would like to thank local Tasmanian artist ‘Jelly’ for allowing our program to use her a
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07 Aug 2019

How Family Violence Affects Homelessness

August 5 – 11th is national homelessness week. This week aims to shed a light on homelessness, the i
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18 Jul 2019

The Cycle of Violence

There are many factors that cause people to stay in relationships that are abusive or violent, such
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19 Jun 2019

Who is at risk of Domestic Violence?

Women Women are more likely to experience family violence. While men are more likely to experience v
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21 May 2019

Talking to your Children about Respect

Examples of disrespectful behaviour include: Putting someone under pressure to do something they do
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23 Apr 2019

How Family Violence affects children and young people

Witnessing family violence isn’t just limited to physical violence and can include other types of vi
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20 Mar 2019

What to take when you're leaving an abusive relationship

If you are leaving a violent relationship, it’s important to make a plan to ensure you can leave saf
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13 Feb 2019

Signs of an abusive relationship

Family Violence and abuse are experienced in many ways and can be different for every individual. Fa
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25 Jan 2019

What To Do When Someone Discloses Abuse

When someone tells you about their experience of family violence, it can be difficult to know what t
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